Azia offers all types of skincare, including Waxing, Threading & Tinting Waxing is the perfect alternative to get rid of any unwanted hair without the annoyance of having to shave every few days, or can be a great replacement treatment from shaving when skin is sensitive or easily irritated by razors. Shaving sometimes requires daily attention and can be quite irritating, so waxing is the easiest way to get hair removed outside of Laser Hair Removal and/or Threading. Instead of shaving every other day, or even every day, waxing is only needed every few weeks and you stay smoother, longer without the hassle of ingrowns and razor burn. Waxing can also be very cost effective. Instead of using your money to buy razors, shaving creams and lotions and sometimes even band aids to cover those nicks so many razors leave us, put that money to good use and have the hair removed from the root! Keep you skin softer, longer with waxing…

(Hair is recommended to be about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch in length for optimal results with waxing)


  • Brows – $20
  • Lip – $20
  • Chin – $20
  • Full Face – $50
  • Under Arms – $30
  • Half Leg – $45 / Full Leg – $90
  • Bikini Line – $43
  • Partial Brazilian – $57
  • Full Brazilian – $68
  • Male Bikini/Brazilian – $78
  • Back – $125
  • Arms – $45


Threading is an ancient art that removes hair from the root by doubling over pieces of thread. Originating in India over 6,000 years ago, threading has been used ever since all throughout the Middle East and Asia, and has finally gained popularity in Europe and Northern America. Threading allows the hairs to be individually removed from the root making it easy to shape the brow without tearing at the skin. But Threading is not limited to just the brows!


  • Brows – $20
  • Lip – $20
  • Chin – $20
  • Lip and Chin – $20
  • Full Face – $55


What is Tinting?

Tinting is a quick and painless way to give your eyebrows or eye lashes a boost! By adding just a tint of dye-tinting can darken and even make thin eyebrows/lashes look full and dark!


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