Permanent Makeup

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Look Fresh All Day – Everyday! With Permanent Make Up – Available at Azia Medical Spa in Birmingham, Alabama.

Safe & Effective / Minimal Downtime / Immediate Results


  • Full Lip with Liner
  • Eye Brows
  • Top eyeliner
  • Bottom eyeliner

Permanent Cosmetics (Also known as: Micropigmentation, Permanent makeup, Cosmetic Tattooing) creates a natural enhancement of the facial features using natural pigments, resulting in a desired cosmetic effect that lasts for years. Permanent Make Up allows you to look your best at any time, at any occasion.


Permanent makeup is a procedure that is done by a skilled professional where makeup is essentially tattooed to the areas of the skin where one wants to always have makeup present. This is an ideal way for one to always have those wide looking eyes or perfectly lined lips as the professionals who apply the permanent makeup do so in a manner that is sleek and flawless. There are countless colors and hues that one can choose and application can be as heavy or light as one desires.

Women have found that having permanent eyeliner, lip liner or even mascara can wake up and simply wash their face and run out the door as that permanent makeup gives them that finished look that would normally take time to achieve if conventional makeup was used. This is a time saver for many and also a way to make a woman feel and look her best even when she simply does not have time to apply makeup.

The other way that permanent makeup tends to be a better option is that there are no jagged edges, no smudges, no smears and no uneven lines or color. This is because the procedure and process of having makeup applied permanently is done in such a skilled way that the end result is one that is perfect.

Some may think that having permanent makeup applied will relegate them to that one color or look forever but that too is not the case. One can cover up permanent lip liner with foundation if they feel one day they want a look that does not have a lined lip or they could even choose to apply a darker or different color over top of the permanent liner for a different look from time to time. The same holds true for permanent eyeliner as that too can be changed by using other makeup to highlight, cover, conceal or change the look.

The use of permanent makeup continues to increase in popularity because it is a fabulous way to get those great makeup looks without having to spend countless time applying makeup, removing makeup to keep skin healthy or even having to reapply makeup throughout the day. Permanent makeup is a time saver and also one of the top ways one can ensure that they always look their best and that alone is reason enough for many women who know that when one feels confident in their looks, they radiate inner beauty and confidence.

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