Grow your own lashes LONGER, FULLER DARKER with Latisse Lash Enhancer – available at Azia Medical Spa in Birmingham, Alabama.

Latisse Lash Enhancer is the first and only FDA approved prescription treatment for inadequate lashes is now available at Azia Medical Spa. Grow your own lashes LONGER, FULLER and DARKER.


Many times people want to enhance their appearance by buying false eyelashes and wearing them on a day to day basis. Long and thick eyelashes are normally used when a woman would like to use her eyes as part of her signature look. Learning how to apply them correctly, however, is one of the biggest challenges for many so most women will normally avoid spending the extra time during this kind of application before leaving the home in the morning. Today, there is a great alternative to wearing false eyelashes and it is commonly known in the cosmetic industry as Latisse®.


Latisse® is a prescription based product that is well known for keeping its promise to the millions of women who try it. Some of the top promises that Latisse® fulfills are increasing the length of the lashes, their thickness as well as the darkness of each of the eyelashes. Several facial cosmetic surgery practices can attest to the claims of Latisse®, especially since the prescription medication was actually used by several of the employees in the office. Those that have used Latisse® have had results that reflected longer and fuller eyelashes within a small time frame. Typically, the improvement occurs within a 4 to 6 week time frame. This means, people who use Latisse® will not have to be concerned about waiting several months to see any noticeable results. Instead people can see the results from this application occurring right away.


The history of Latisse is unique at best, especially because its initial application was developed and used for people who had problems with glaucoma. As this prescription medication was designed and manufactured for the purposes of glaucoma, it was not long before people discovered that this same medication could be used to lengthen the eyelashes. Though it may have started off as a medication that was used to cure and prevent an eye disease, it is now being used to enhance one’s looks and to help people who have sparse eyelashes on their lids.

Those who want to sport those long and lushes eye lashes can do it without wearing false eyelashes. Since Latisse® is a prescription medication that has had great success, people are now using it for a diversity of things including creating long, dark and thick eyelashes.

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