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men healthYou don’t have to choose between Great Sex and Your Health!

Azia Men’s Health Clinic has a solution, even if you have a medical problem. Our Board Certified Physicians and sexual health specialists will evaluate you to customize a unique blend of medication that work for you, even if you have diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, prostate cancer, waning sexual desire or weight problems

Our physicians with over 35 years of combined experience are skilled at safely treating erectile dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Low Testosterone levels, Fatigue, Low muscle mass, Abdominal fat, urinating problem and other men’s health issues such as Hormone and Prostate …All in a discreet manner with professional staff.

Because we care about your health and satisfaction, we evaluate each patient on an individual basis and use only FDA approved ingredients designed for each patient on an individual basis; Medications which are proven to be both safe and effective. Our customized blend of prescription medications are designed so that after you achieve a climax your penis will stay erect for the entire requested time period by your partner whether it is 45 minutes, an hour, 90 minutes or longer. This allows you to achieve a second climax and adequately satisfy your partner.

Don’t delay- a great sex life could be yours in just one visit!

A One Time office visit of $199 will include:

  • Physician Consultation and Evaluation
  • Test Dosage of our custom blend Medication
  •  Four Lab Tests:
    (PSA, Testosterone, Prolactin, and Hematocrit if recommended by physician)
  • Prescription Refillable for One-Year.*
    * Pharmacy medications prescribed are an additional cost.
    *Pharmacy pricing for medications will vary based on quantity ordered.

Azia Men’s Health clinic does not accept insurance, however, we will provide you with an invoice for you to file with your insurance company.

Men’s Medical Clinic!
Trends in men’s healthcare have gotten so much more… amusing lately. In the ever-changing marketplace of men’s healthcare, you are constantly flooded with advertisements from “clinics” telling you that there’s a “magic pill” suitable for everyone or an “all natural supplement” that will cure all your complex men’s health needs.

The truth is…

Erectile dysfunction and low testosterone are medical conditions that should be treated by medical professionals.

Board Certified Physicians at Azia Men’s Medical Clinic are extremely trained and specialized medical professionals who can address those issues and more to get you on your way to a vibrant and healthier sexual life.
If you have a problem with any of these we have a solution:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Testosterone Imbalance
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Lack of libido
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Male Menopause
  • Obesity

And best of all, We will provide you with our physician’s private cell numbers to call when you have a question or for emergencies! Unlike other facilities, that refers you to call 911 or a Hospital! Try to compare this to the services of the other offices!


Men’s Health Symptoms
Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.),
 Premature Ejaculation (P.E.)
 and other Men’s Health Issues
Men’s health symptoms, like erectile dysfunction, will throw a curve ball into any man’s life. A common symptom for erectile dysfunction is not being able to hold an erection for an extended period of time. Erectile dysfunction can lead to more serious health issues, like heart disease or diabetes, so it’s important for a man to seek options if the problem persists. Erectile dysfunction is an issue that affects many men, and there is no shame in learning about it.

Premature ejaculation is another common symptom among men. Premature Ejaculation occurs when a man ejaculates far too soon. Believe it or not, this is a common problem with Men, as it’s been documented that at least one in three men ejaculate shortly after penetration. Premature ejaculation is a serious issue that every man should be informed on. This issue can cause strain in a relationship, and it’s important to take measures to sustain a healthy sex life.

Low testosterone is another health issue prevalent amongst men. Common symptoms of low testosterone include, but are not limited to, a lowered sperm count, a decrease in sexual drive or libido, a propensity for erectile dysfunction, and sometimes enlarged breasts.Low testosterone may be the reason a man rarely feels aroused or excited with his partner.

Fatigue is a diagnosis for feeling weak or tired or consistently lacking energy. Some of these symptoms are the result of an underlying affliction, like heart or lung disease. Men who experience fatigue may also have diabetic conditions, hypothyroidism, or changes in vision. Fatigue is more than just being tired; it is also sometimes a sign of a larger malady at work.

Low muscle mass is often associated with physical inactivity. If a man has low muscle mass than he may be subjected to a higher risk of injury. A clear indication of low muscle mass is showing signs of limited mobility. If a man routinely feels weak after being physically active, then low muscle mass may be a cause of concern.

Abdominal fat is the technical term for a “beer belly.” The fat is located around the abdominal organs, which is basically around the stomach. Metabolic disturbances or heart problems may be symptoms for unhealthy abdominal fat. It is common to gain abdominal fat for men as they grow older.

Urination problems come with a slew of symptoms. For example, one symptom is having difficulty with flow. Another may be having troubling getting started, dribbling from the urethra, or signs of a weak stream. There are many possible reasons for having urination problems. It can be anything from a urinary tract infection to a nervous system disorder. A crucial symptom to look out for is a weak stream.

As men age, prostrate problems become more common. Having prostrate problems may be the result of an enlarged prostrate. Symptoms of an enlarge prostrate include frequently getting up from sleep to urinate, trouble starting to urinate, the feeling of incomplete urination, and going back to urinating shortly after completion.

Erectile dysfunction and low testosterone are medical conditions that should be treated by medical professionals.

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