Have you often viewed a photograph of yourself taken at certain angles that leave you wondering, “Is that me?”

We most often look at ourselves front-on in a mirror and don’t recognize certain protruding or flat features of our face until we see them projected in various angles, in the reflection of a glass building as we are walking through city streets, or in the background of a family photo album.

There is nothing wrong with a pointy or flat chin. We are all born with different face shapes and structures. But if you find that you are unhappy with your overall appearance and wish to enhance your beautiful features, there are many options available to correct the outlines that define our face structure and give us balance.


Facial implants are formed of solid materials that are compatible with human tissues. These implants are designed to enhance or augment the structure of your face and change your appearance. For instance, if your chin protrudes to a point or is too small or “flat”, or if you are unhappy with the contours of your cheek bones, you may benefit from facial implants.

The type and size of facial implants that would be best suited for you require an in-depth evaluation of your goals, the features you wish to correct, and your surgeon’s judgment on how implants would effect and define your overall facial appearance.

The most common sites for implants include the cheek, chin and jaw area.


Cheek implants can be used to correct flaws caused by birth defects or injury to the face. Implants can also increase the projection of the cheekbones by adding volume to areas that may be recessed or flat. An implant can change the shape and contour of your face, by creating a natural balance, or enhancing your facial features.


If your chin is not in proportion to your forehead, or is pointy or flat, whether you have a small, recessed chin or are bothered by the appearance of your profile or overall appearance, a chin implant can provide a more complementing projection to your forehead and mid-face.


In some cases, both the jaw and chin contribute to a misaligned facial structure. A weak jaw line can be viewed as less-defined, minimizing the angle and off-setting the balance of your appearance. Jaw implants can increase the width of the lower third of your face, providing distinction and offering definition that enhances other features of your face.

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