Perlane available at Azia Medical Spa in Birmingham, Alabama is a hyaluronic acid used for the treatment of age-related depressions of the face around the nose and mouth.


The same properties in Restalyne are found in Perlane, with the difference between Restalyne and Perlane® being that Perlane has larger gel particles of hyaluronic acid, which is intended for those who have deeper folds and more defined facial lines and creases.

The average size of the particles in Perlane is greater and the injection goes deeper in the layers of the dermis, giving a much a higher restructuring capability.


Physicians will often choose to use Perlane® in patients who wish to add cheek volume, as well as those who want more significant facial contouring.

Where Restylane® is often placed directly into smaller lines and wrinkles to fill them, Perlane® is used to fill larger deficits and provide contouring, or for smoothing the general areas beneath the creases.

Perlane is placed into wrinkled skin and reduces the prominence of wrinkles by adding fullness to the treated areas. The hylauronic acid in Perlane® is hydrophilic; which means it attracts and binds to water easily. This allows for longer lasting and more easily sustained results which can be maintained over time by repeating the procedure in smaller amounts because the molecule binds to more water which allows for gradual degradation of the product.

The hyaluronic acid used in the treatment is a non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid.

Clinical studies have shown that on average 70% of patients maintained improvement for up to six months following just one Perlane® treatment.

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