Dysport and Botox



Botox and Dysport are available at Azia Medical Spa in Birmingham, Alabama.

BOTOX® and , Dysport Cosmetics are approved by the FDA to treat lines

between your eyebrows caused by facial expressions. It is also commonly used to

soften the lines on your forehead, and crow’s feet around your eyes. They are safe

and require no downtime. Benefits typically last about four months.

Do you squint or burrow your brow? Many of us do it without even being aware, many times throughout the day. If you are an animated conversationalist, story-teller or public speaker, you most likely have raised your eyebrows more times throughout a day than others.

Speaking to large or small groups of people can be intimidating for a lot of people. It takes confidence and poise.

If you’re worried about your wrinkles and lines taking the spotlight from what you have to say to how you look while you are saying it, then

BOTOX or DYSPORT COSMETICS may be the confidence boost you need.

BOTOX  COSMETIC,  a wrinkle relaxer, has been raising eyebrows since it was introduced, by accident, to the cosmetic world around 1962, when a physician used BOTOX® on a patient to help stop a twitching eye. Following the treatment, the physician noticed that the patient’s lines around his eyes (the “crow’s feet”) had vanished.

Since that time, the BOTOX and DYSPORT phenomenon has amassed accolades for its many successful cosmetic applications, as well as successfully treating a number of ailments, from overactive sweat glands to migraine headaches to depression!


Smooth’s wrinkles caused by facial expressions such as raising your eyebrows or squinting, laughing, smiling and frowning. They also work on relaxing the bands of wrinkles in the neck area.


If you are ages 25 to 65, then you are a good candidate. Every person has his or her own set of wrinkles– distinctly their own. For that reason, each patient should have a private consultation to determine the best target areas of treatment and the number of treatments that may be required to obtain optimal results.

To sustain smooth, youthful skin, it is usually recommended that you receive three to four injections.

While the recommended age is between 25 to 65 years young, because it rejuvenates skin to a more youthful look, would you imagine that teenagers are actually starting to use it as a preventative measure? Since each application of BOTOX or DYSPORT essentially pushes wrinkles away by freezing muscles, hitting them before they get started is a great idea which is gaining interest and being termed “Prejuvenation.”


A small amount of BOTOX or DYSPORT COSMETIC is injected with a fine needle into targeted areas, which feels like a slight pinch. Patients experience minimal discomfort.

Anesthesia is unnecessary and there is no down time with this procedure. It is recommended that you avoid heavy lifting for one day following each treatment, but you may immediately return to normal activity.

Gently massaging the injected area for one day is also recommended.

You should see the full effects of  treatments three to eight days after the procedure.

Results usually last for three to six months. Repeat treatments result in a longer lasting effect.


Many people think of BOTOX and DYSORT COSMETICS as just an anecdote for wrinkles, but it has many other amazing benefits, from helping to prevent migraine headache episodes, to fighting depression and helping those who have uncontrollable muscle spasms caused by Dystonia or Arthritis. Botox has even been found to help children who have Cerebral Palsy.

In addition to these benefits, Botox and Dysport injections can also be used to freeze sweat glands in people who overly perspire, which often leads to embarrassing situations.

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