Zerona Body Contouring


ZERONA™ Body Contouring available at Azia Medical Spa in Birmingham, Alabama.

Good for: Body Contouring, Slimming, and Reduce Inches with No Pain, No Surgery, No Recovery.

For nine months your body grew and stretched to proportions you never thought imaginable. There are few moms who — while holding their bundle of joy, will not say that every inch or pound gained was worth it. Now, it’s your time. You’ve worked to get the post baby weight off and are struggling with those last little stubborn extra folds around your waist.

At Azia Medical Spa, we use ZERONA BODY CONTOURING to help moms like you, and those who have worked very hard at diet and exercise but still have a little bundle hanging around the waistline or excess fat on the thighs, causing that “skinny-jean dance” — the wiggle and bounce because “I’m getting into these jeans!” dance.

ZERONA is proven to help those, just like you, ease into that pair of jeans, with fewer dance moves.


ZERONAs role in fat reduction is not to eliminate fat cells. There are so many products that promise to eliminate fat cells from the body, but fat cells are an essential function to maintaining the immune system and contribute greatly to hormone production. To totally eliminate fat cells comes with unwanted and harmful side effects.


Since 1998, there’s been extensive research on ZERONA™ and how this device contributes to fat reduction. While other cosmetic devices offer procedures that eliminate fat cells, ZERONA™ is the ONLY one available that will not harm the needed fat cells. It is a non-surgical, painless procedure.


The ZERONA™ laser creates a small pore in the protective membrane of the fat cell, enabling the fatty matter to seep out of the cell. The excess fat is then passed out of the body during its normal course of detoxification. Clinical trials confirmed the amazing effects that the ZERONA™ laser therapy has on adipose tissue (fat storing cells).

In between those joyful moments of caring for that beautiful new little bundle, many new moms work diligently to get rid of that not so joyful bundle that remains around the waistline — or the love handles that feel a bit unlovable just under the bra, known as the “bra fat.”


ZERONA™ by Azia Medical Spa revolutionizes fat reduction. During six quick and painless treatments, you will simply lie under the ZERONA™ slimming and contouring device for 20 minutes on your front and 20 minutes on your back.

ZERONA™ is a non-surgical and painless way to reduce that stubborn fat and contour your body. ZERONA™ by Azia Medical Spa is proven to painlessly reduce inches and stubborn body fat very quickly.


There are no needles, no incisions, and therefore there is NO RECOVERY TIME following the ZERONA™ procedure, unlike liposuction that comes with great risk and a recovery time.

During 6 quick treatments, front and back (approximately 20 minutes each), a small pore is created in the protective membrane of the fat cell. Immediately following the ZERONA™ procedure, you may resume your daily activities — leaving Azia Medical Spa to get back to loving on your new bundle of joy!

Dance because you’re happy, not to get back into those jeans. Call Azia Medical Spa at 205-980-7772 to schedule a consultation for getting back into your skinny jeans.

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